Using Interjobs Payroll ensures less staff loss and gives both you as your employees more stability and comfort. We are legally responsible for your employees. This means that we take care of both legal and administrative matters regarding our staff, including the correct payments. Furthermore, the contracts are very flexible. With Interjobs Payroll you can offer fixed-term contracts for 5,5 years instead of 2 years.

What do we relieve you from?

  • Time-consuming proceedings in the salary and personnel administration, such as annual statements, contract management and monitoring legal and CAO changes.
  • Salary payments, social charges, pension contributions and payroll taxes.
  • Employment-law issues, such as illness and redundancy.


You remain in control on the workplace

You will remain responsible for recruitment and selection, working hours, the schedule and other internal matters. We can support you with human resource management. For example, it is possible to conduct periodic performance appraisals in collaboration with an Interjobs team member. They will take care of the additional administration.

What makes customers choose us?

  • We have all the expert knowledge and experiences regarding in-house entrepreneurship, which makes us understand you as an entrepreneur.
  • We find personal attention for you and your employees very important. We meet our employees periodical to review whether things are going well.
  • Our service centre is opened seven days a week for you and your employees.
  • Interjobs Payroll saves you time to focus on your main activity: entrepreneurship.


Interjobs BV is your reliable partner

Interjobs BV is a member of the NBBU and we feature the SNA quality mark. We are subjected to strict financial and administrative controls twice a year by the Labor Standards Foundation. The standards of this quality mark are laid down in the national NEN 4400-1. In addition, we receive a statement of good payment behaviour more than six times a year. The use of a G-account is also possible. This shows you that you are choosing a reliable partner!

What are the benefits of Interjobs Payroll?

  • It gives you a good insight on your costs. You will receive an invoice on the complete personnel and salary costs once a week.
  • We are a professional partner specialized in HR-related matters.
  • All your employees build up a pension from their first workday.
  • Thanks to the increasing stability in your firm, employees will longer remain in service.
  • Together with our HR-specialists you ensure the happiness of your employees during the work.