The comfort of Interjobs

Recruitment and selection

Interjobs has been an expert in the recruitment and selection of motivated employees from EU-countries for years. Thanks to our experience and contacts in the field we have an explicit network. We ensure that our staff is reliable, capable and motivated. Contact us when you are in need of personnel. There is a big chance that we have the right people available for you.

Fitting solutions

We think in solutions and do whatever it takes to turn the project into a success. This applies for the recruitment and selection, but also for the guidance of the employees. Besides this, we try to adapt to your wishes as good as possible. Do you prefer invoices on a project basis? Then we take care of that. Is the travel distance a little bit longer? No problem. Does payroll fit your company better? We know all the possibilities and are willing to take care of it. Contact us to find out about all the possibilities.

Various sections

We have been providing staff to companies for years, in sections like construction, infrastructure and production. We ensure that our personnel is in possession of a VCA-certificate and, where necessary, the right BPM’s. Our people are mainly capable for the supporting expertise. Thanks to their large experience they are quickly available at various projects.


We prefer good communication. This way we ensure a good cooperation between the employers and employees. We aim to have close and direct contact with our employers, in order to build on a long term relationship. A few words or an email is often enough to act fast and flexible. Do you need more or less personnel next week? Just make a phone call, we are flexible enough to meet your needs. Sometimes people ask whether the communication with our EU-employees works out well. Our experience is that, even though their Dutch is not perfect yet, this works out fine. A little bit German or English is often enough to help them out on the work ground. Are you still in need of translation? Then we take care of that. We have an interpreter available for English and Polish employees. So, once again, Interjobs ensures an optimal cooperation. Do you have any questions? Contact us today and find it out for yourself!

Taken care of everything

Interjobs BV makes sure that all employees can get to work well prepared. We do this by working out contracts and administrations in advance. Before getting to work, we note our employees’ BSN-numbers so that payroll taxes and social insurance contributions can be paid to the tax authorities. According to NEN4400-1, Interjobs is certified and noted in the Register Normering Arbeid. Besides that, we are member of the NBBU (union of employment agencies). In this way, we guarantee that our personnel, payroll and financial administration meet the highest requirements. We provide housing for our EU staff and are a member of Stichting Normering Flexwonen. More information? Contact us, and we would love to tell you more.

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