About Interjobs

Complete service

Interjobs is the expert in international personnel services. We mediate between motivated and capable EU employees and companies in central Netherlands. Our task is in one word ‘relieving’. We relieve our staff through personal guidance, providing housing and transport and giving practical support. We also relieve companies on their daily tasks through our strict recruitment and selection procedure, dealing with their administration and having short terms in communication.

This is the service of Interjobs, which you can rely on.


All our employees are in possession of a VCA certificate. We make sure that they, when and wherever needed, are in deposition of the right PBM’s. Interjobs has all the necessary certifications;

Our method

For more than 10 years, Interjobs has been the most reliable partner for a lot of companies and EU employees. Co-owner and founder Jasper Stelwagen has lived and worked in Poland for a number of years. This helped him build up a wide network. With this network, Interjobs has been recruiting and selecting good personnel since 2007. Interjobs is the connection between EU employees and companies in central Netherlands. Using a small team of people and short terms they make sure that both employers as employees can take full advantage. Jasper Stelwagen is the business contact for companies and employees and he fills in the schedule. Jolanda Sonneborn-Burgers takes care of the full administration ( back-office) and Kasia Zacheriasz supports the employees on a practical level (front-office). Would you like to get in touch? Please contact us, and we would love to tell you more.