You are looking for employees. What is next?

You are looking for staff. And now?

1. Discuss your needs

Call us or send an e-mail about your needs. What functions is it about? Where, when, how long and how many people? What are the requirements for the employees and the necessities? With this information we can start focusing on the process. Contact us or fill in the form below.

2. Setting up agreements

We come up with an appropriate proposal. We introduce you to capable personnel. When this contains EU personnel we take care of all the secondary conditions. Accommodation, transport, translation et cetera. Together we go through our Terms and Conditions so that you know our procedure and all rights and obligations coming along.

3. Risk assessment

When work starts on location, we ask you to fill in a Risk Assessment Checklist. This guarantees the liability for our employees who are hired by you as an employer. Now all papers are signed and the work can get started.

4. Open communication

Even when the work has started, we would like to remain involved with you and the employees. Do you need any help? Is the language a problem? Is the required quality delivered? We want you to be and remain satisfied!

More information? Please contact us.

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