Our industries

The people of Interjobs can be deployed directly at different workspaces in different industries. Our people are motivated, know how to approach and do their work best when they are deployed as supporting staff.  Your own professionals can take care of the main work, and our people will handle the rest.

Our people are specialized in:


Are you looking for a helping hand on the construction site? We can help you with all kinds of supporting work.

Steel construction

Are you looking for allrounders to help you welding, polishing or machining steel constructions? Our people have the required experience!

Storage and transshipment

Do you need an extra hand for loading and unloading your shipments? Need men to stack and transport your pallets? We will arrange it!


Are you looking for some help on the maintenance of trucks, mobile cranes or the performing of mechanical work?


From assembly line work to installing solar panels, we have the right staff for your work!


Do you need help on a civil engineering project, logistics or other infrastructural projects?

The best employers! Are you in quick need of a good staff?